biotear is a let's play youtuber. he has his own minecraft server. the ip being

he started out doing minecraft and may do more games in the future. the first crossover video he did was with spyguy68. his channel is sora ledbetter. he is a modder, and uses his own mods in his videos along with other peoples mods. the first mod he used was the coralian pack mod that he made. he hopes to one day do a video with skydoesminecraft. his first multiplayer video was on mc old town. that is where he met spyguy68.


his website is

he started his channel in 2009 doing videos but only started doing let's play in 2013.

even though he likes skydoesminecraft, sky didn't inspire him at all. in fact he didn't even watch sky until after he started. and until he watched sky, considered him his number 1 enemy.

his inspearation is tobuscus, cryaotic, and most of all pewdiepie.

while he hates barrels and squids he also hates sheep, and will kill them for their wool.